Bronwyn Lundberg is the Head of Animation and Design at Grindr and the Artist/Co-Founder – with Sarah Zucker – of the art + animation team YoMeryl. Her work often blends humor, vibrant colors, and pop culture iconography. She lives in Los Angeles.

Bron has created album art, apparel, comics, murals, paintings, and posters. She is known for her digital painting, The Lesbian Last Supper, which was featured on The Rachel Maddow Show, in 2013 and The Ellen Show in 2018.

With YoMeryl, Bron has created a wide range of GIF art, including the Brooklyn Museum GIF Series in collaboration with board member and producer Nicole Ehrlich, and the Start Talking. Stop HIV. GIF Series for the CDC’s 2015 Pride Tour, culminating in a Broadway-themed GIF display on a Times Square Billboard throughout the summer of 2015.

In 2016, she painted the 16' x 11' mural Business Park for the City of West Hollywood's City Hall with the help of Sarah. Soon after, YoMeryl was commissioned by WeHo Arts and The Department of Public Works to create and install the 600 ft' vinyl mural The Kicks of Route 66 to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Mother Road. In December of 2016, Bronwyn was filmed painting a reptilian business woman for Super Deluxe's Artist Residency series. Her original art is credited in the first one-woman feature film, Golden Vanity, starring Melora Hardin (2016).

In 2017, YoMeryl contributed weekly animated content for Super Deluxe, and WeHo Arts commissioned the team to create an animated billboard on the Sunset Strip for WeHo Arts: The Plan, a community-based cultural plan for the City of West Hollywood.

YoMeryl is actively commissioned by Tumblr Creatrs and recently created a series of relationship-based comics for HuffPost Life.

Clients and Publications of YoMeryl's also include: New York Magazine, Details Magazine, The Huffington Post, GIPHY, MTV, and Universal Music Group.

Bronwyn holds a BFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts.